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For all questions please fill out the form or call/ send a message via WhatsApp,SMS. You will find our mobile number below:
Sv. Nikola 59A, 21314 Jesenice
+385 95 5226658
Centar svita, obrt za turizam
VL. Ivona Rakuljić
Sv. Nikola 59A
21314 Jesenice
MBO: 98399390
OIB: 03549998686
JMBG: 1408992387826
OTP banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 61, Split
IBAN: HR712407000110248047
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Centar Svita
Centar Svita is a family-owned business specializing in boat tours since 1996. Our roots in the maritime industry go back as far as 1906, so you can be sure of quality service and an unforgettable experience when booking a tour with us.
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